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Safety tips while using the Turbo Carver II

Burs will create fine dust particles and certain materials will produce toxic fumes. It is therefore necessary to wear eye protection and respirator. Using water will eliminate the dust and fume problems, but water can not be used on all materials. Any persons in the vicinity should also take the same precautions. Although this instrument operates under OSHA limits, some people find the sound to be annoying. This is a modified Dental drill. Ear plugs are the answer.

Using H20 to reduce fumes and particles

Water is used to stop dust and prevent fumes, water also lubricates and cools the bur, making them last much longer. This is especially true with diamond burs which have a thin coating of diamond on them. If carving hard substances like glass or ceramics the bur can get very hot. If the bonding agent that carries the diamond chips gets too hot, it will break down and the diamond chips will fall off. Water also will prevent stress from causing fractures in gems and glass. A smoother cut is another benefit from using water and porous materials like bone and egg will be strengthened by water filling in voids. To use water when carving flat objects can be submersed in a shallow pan of water, or you can run water over the surface as you would under a faucet. You can completely submerse the bur in water but be careful not to stop the hand piece under water. Water entering the turbine housing will carry dirt with it that will destroy the bearings.

By far the best option has recently been developed by High Speed Carving Products. This Mist Water Spray option sprays an atomized cloud of water at the bur tip. This is a self contained and very compact system that is the ultimate solution for situations that require water.