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The following links are press releases about
Turbo Carver Engraving System

American Artist Magazine Press Release
Journal: American Artist Magazine
Issue: February 1997 - Page: 16

Home Shop Machinist Press Release
Journal: Home Shop Machinist
Issue: March/April 1997 - Page: 69

Tooling & Production Magazine Press Release
Journal: Tooling & Production Magazine
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Knives Illustrated Press Release
Journal: Knives Illustrated Magazine
Issue: February 1998 - Page: 46

Workbench Magazine Press Release
Journal: Workbench Magazine
Issue: February 1997 - Page: 63

Wildfoul Carving & Collecting Press Release
Journal: Wildfoul Carving & Collecting
Issue: Winter 1997 - Page: 6

Creative Woodworks & Crafts Press Release
Journal: Creative Woodworks & Crafts
Issue: March 1998 - Pages: 59,60

Rock & Gem Magazine Press Release
Journal: Rock & Gem Magazine
Issue: August 1997 - Page: 49

Gunmaker Press Release
Journal: Gunmaker
Issue: Nov./Dec. 98 - Page: 14

The Engraver Press Release
Journal: The Engraver
Issue: Jan., Feb., March 1999 - Page: 6

The Eggshell Sculptor Press Release
Journal: The Eggshell Sculptor
Issue: Feb./Mar. 2001 - Page: 6

Wood Carving Illustrated Press Release
Journal: Wood Carving Illustrated
Issue: Fall. 2001 - Page: 42