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CO2 Tank System for Turbo CarverIf you need to work in remote locations, where power is unavailable or where sound must be held to a minimum, this is the way to go. CO2 does not require electricity and is totally quiet. Knife makers and top knife companies love it when they do sign their knives in remote locations or trade shows. There is no plugging in or loud air compressor. They simply rent a CO2 tank and easily sign the hardest blades for hours.

High-Speed Products, Inc. can provide you with an inexpensive, CO2 regulator for your tank. A 20 pound tank with is available through your local Welding Supply outlets and come in 50, 20, 10 and 5 pound sizes. Some Welding supply outlets will rent CO2 tanks.

One pound of liquid CO2 equals 7 cubic feet in its gaseous state. A 20 pound tank will power Turbo Carver for about 3-1/2 hours of continuous use, this is a hard day's usage. 20 pound tanks are the most convenient, they measure 7 inches in diameter by 3 feet in height and weigh 43 pounds full. It costs between $15 and $20 to refill a 20 pound tank. Carbon Dioxide is very cold when it comes out of the tank and will freeze the foot control unless some of the coldness is removed. This is done by tightly wrapping the clear foot control around the tank and taping it in place.

Plastics make it more efficient... consumption is only 1 CFM at 45 PSI, making Turbo Carver , the only instrument that will operate effectively on both compressed air and bottled CO2. A CO2 tank is initially less expensive than an air compressor and is much easier to haul around. CO2 does not require electricity and is totally quiet, allowing you to work in remote locations or places where power is not available. Our tool allows you to use this technology as the water will not effect our tool as it may a metal drill.