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  Metal, Wood, & Leather Art by Michael Pearce from Seattle, WA - Master Sword & Knife Artist - http://tinkerswords.com/

Egg Carvings by - Gary LeMaster, Iowa City, Iowa - Master Egg Carver and artist - http://www.theeggshellsculptor.com/meet-the-artist/

Gary has been carving egg shell for many years as is evident by these beautiful examples of his wonderful artwork.


Guitars and Instrument Carving
by - Doug Rowell - Master Carver & Guitar Sculptor - http://www.carverdoug.com/




  Bone and Scrimshaw by - Bob Hergert - Master Scrimshander Oregon: http://www.scrimshander.com/
  Etched and Engraved Glass by - James Warsing, Harrisonburg VA - Glass Artist facebook
  Bone, Scrimshaw, & Stone by - Maggie Roe Jewelry ivory Designs, Washington State
  Etched Ceramic Pottery by - Vicki Tindall - Orlando, Florida - Beautiful patterns etched with her Turbo Carver.

  Gourd Artwork by - Bonnie Gibson Gourd Artist - Tucson, Arizona - http://www.arizonagourds.com/
  E Paul Fisher Carvings in quartz and gems
  Emu Egg Carving & Glass Heart, These are her first attempt at high speed carving.
  The Turbo Carver is used here to bring out the features in these beautiful paintings on wood.
  Marilyn Peterie - Inlayed Lamp Gourds (Springfield, MO)

  Bob Morrison uses his Turbo Carver to enhance the grips on his beautiful handmade bows - http://www.morrisonarchery.com
  Bob Crawford - Emu Egg Carvings (New Orleans) The white is exposed as you carve deeper.
  Chuck Buck signs his famous knives at shows with his Turbo Carver - http://www.buckknives.com/


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